Triathlons for Intermediate Athletes in Singapore

Intermediate athletes planning to participate for the first time in triathlons could be experienced in one or more of the events. Intermediate triathlons cater more specifically for athletes who have reached great fitness levels and need a new challenge. For these athletes, the beginner shorter triathlons are less of a challenge due to shorter distances and the advanced or full events a bit too long without proper preparation due to the physical strain.

The benefit for intermediate athletes is that their fitness level might be already on par and if they already a runner, less work is needed on getting running fit, swimmers would work more focused on running and cycling and at the same time cyclist would have to train to get prepared for swimming and running activities.


The three main events most recommended for any athlete interested in beginners, intermediate or full triathlons is the Bintan Triathlon, Osim Triathlon or the MetaSprint Series as all provider shorter distance events for beginners, longer distances for intermediates as well as full triathlons. A good intermediate event would include 1500 meter swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and a 10-kilometer run.


Training should start with the first week uses as an assessment period to identify in which of the events the intermediate athlete requires the most training. With fitness already at a great level, the hardest work is to improve your fitness level more if needed and then to work on a skill or on any of the events you are not trained in. Working on the three basics is no easy task since it includes discipline, endurance, and technique.

Intermediate athletes have several goals apart from needing a new challenge these are normally the participants who enjoy the event most and continues to take part in bigger events, longer distances and more challenging Triathlons such as Olympic Distance Triathlons and Ironman competitions.

Once you are a triathlon athlete the lifestyle and health benefits are only matched by the friendship of other athletes, and the reward is the sense of achievement after every completed event. The significance of triathlons is that participants are not only great at one event but have managed to achieve fitness in three different challenging ones.


The yearly Ironman Triathlon male participant distances are 2.2 miles of swimming in open waters, cycling for 112 miles and the event finishes with a 26.2-mile run. Women participants need to complete swimming in open water across a distance of 1.1-mile cycle a race of 61 miles and run a race of 13.1 miles. For this event, participants train around 20 hours a week and starts training at least a year ahead of the event date. Participants have to prove that they have completed other events such as beginners and intermediate triathlons to gain entrance due to the high levels of endurance required for such events.

Time and commitment are essential, dedication crucial and the only assistance is that of fellow athletes who understand your goal as theirs would be probably the same and the best training is with a partner who is as competitive as you are.