Triathlons, Aquathlons, and Duathlons Tips For Participants In Singapore

Tips and requirements for the different events part of Duathlons, Triathlons, and Aquathlons, are always handy for new participants although all athletes benefit from reminding themselves of some of the really energy-boosting tips.

Once you have entered a multisport challenge in Singapore, the race briefings provide all the information needed, although most of the national events also advise athletes in advance of the rules and tips to enjoy a great event.

Singapore Triathlons

For the swimming event, it is compulsory to wear a swimsuit or tri suit, and every participant needs to wear a swim cap, swim caps are usually part of the complimentary race pack in Singapore’s main events. Swimming goggles are not compulsory although it is highly beneficial and sunblock could only benefit participants.

A safety team mans the swim section of the event and athletes who experience cramps, or any other difficulty needs to roll onto their back with one arm in the air to signal that help is required. If a participant is unable to finish the swim section or anyone of the other events part of the race, they will be disqualified.

Singapore Triathlons

In Singapore, new entrants are always advised to start at the back of any event as the first few hundred meters is always fast and busy due to more advanced athletes competing for the best time. During swimming events, any swim stroke is allowed although champions believe freestyle is more efficient to complete the event in record time periods.

When it comes to cycling a helmet is compulsory in Singapore, and all helmets must be fastened before participants are allowed to remove their bicycles from the bike rack and can only be unfastened after the bike is back on the rack. No bare torso racing is allowed and a shirt or cycling shirt has to cover the full upper body and cycling shorts, or a tri suit should be worn plus cycling shoes. Shirts need to display the participant’s race number on the back and sunglasses may be worn. The cycling event takes part in a road section that is closed off to ensure safety and that section is manned by marshals and police, and participants are required to obey all rules.

During running your number needs to be displayed on the front of your shirt and running shoes is compulsory. As in cycling, your upper body needs to be covered completely, and sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are advisable. Walking is allowed during running races if athletes stay on the side of the road to allow other players to pass quickly.

Most importantly it is vital to stay hydrated during the event and water stations along the way frequently offer isotonic drinks and small bags filled with water. On the morning of the race, participants should eat at least two hours before the start of the race and ensure sufficient hydration bikes should be parked with a 700ml water bottle attached for later consumption.