Triathlon Equipment

There are three simple disciplines for the sport of triathlon – swimming, running, and cycling. However, you will require a few basic but essential pieces of equipment to propel yourself from the starting line to the finish line.


Without a bike, it will be impossible to complete a triathlon. But what kind of bike do you need? If you’re just starting out in the sport, you can easily get away with a beach cruiser or mountain bike. As you become more experienced with triathlons, you can always choose a better-suited bike with clip-on aerobars.


Also, ensure that you take your bike to your nearest shop to ensure everything is tight and safe, tires have the correct pressure and that the chain is lubed well before race day. Another vital factor while cycling is bike shorts. It provides extra padding for a more enjoyable ride and with special microfibers also prevents chafing.

Running Shoes

What you decide to wear on your feet has become an increasingly complicated story. Words like zero-drop, minimalist, oversized, motion control, pronators, and supinator shoes are just some of the sub-genres out there today. The main aim of a race shoe is achieving optimal traction combined with a dominant push-off, being direct and fast as possible.


Therefore, performance is the key factor in what you should buy in a race shoe. You ultimately want to shed extra grams of weight, get more breathable uppers, higher grade carbon rubber and gain more traction. Trying on before buying at a specialist run shop is vital to your success on race day. To gain those extra few seconds during the race, look for race shoes with quick-lace systems, drainage holes, tongue loops, extra cushioning and internal liners for added support.

Wetsuits & Tri suits

Wetsuits are very buoyant and made of neoprene although tri suits are less buoyant. There is a wide variety of different wetsuits available, including full sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves, full-length legs and pant length that cover up to just below the knee. Different brands influence the cost of the selected wetsuit and for your very first race, it could be best to borrow one, rent one or find out if someone has a second one. It’s important that the wetsuit fits comfortable as to loose or too tight might will be uncomfortable in that too tight gives a feel of suffocation, and unnecessary discomfort is the last thing a new racer needs. Should your wetsuit be too big or too loose, it could allow water in and therefore slow you down and give a sloppy or heavy feel.

If you are committed that more races will follow then a tri suit is the best option as it can be worn throughout the entire race, this too comes in different styles including shorter or longer leg lengths, short or long sleeves as well as one or two piece suits. What is great is that the pants are very much like cycling pants offering sufficient support although the padding does dry out quickly after swimming to eliminate discomfort. But ultimately you’ve made the decision so its all about having fun.