Triathlete Training in Singapore for Beginners

In triathlons, there are three events including cycling, swimming and running and in this favorite multi-sport discipline is performed in turn. The order in which triathlons are when it comes to the order of the three main areas is almost always starting off with swimming. In swimming the distances can differ hugely depending on the event, it can also be in several areas such as rivers, dams or pools although it is mostly in a lake.


After swimming the event usually moves to cycling with all equipment placed at the end point of the lake for easy, fast access. Some athletes might change out of their wet suits and other with tri-suits would continue without a change in clothes, which saves time and allows for easier moving between events. Again the distance differs from one event to the next and cycling is frequently followed by the last or end event which is running.

Determining the cycles

Cycles are left at the end of the cycling race, and participants can then decide to run with tri suits although most prefer to run with just vests and running shorts. Running can be on different surfaces such as tar, off-road or on the road.

Before you actually enter a race, there is quite a bit of preparation needed, which strange enough starts off by identifying why you want to participate and what your main goal is. Training is basically the same but some athlete’s starts competing in order to lose weight and other for the achievement. Both types of goals would force you to get fit although if your goal is weight loss, the faster times might be less important and if you are aiming to set a new record then doing it in the shortest time is much more important than losing extra pounds.

If it’s your first season in a triathlon in Singapore, it might be best to start in a sprint triathlon consisting of a 750-meter swim followed by a 20-km bike race and then finishing with a 5 km run. Events highly recommended in Singapore for new participants are the Osim Triathlon, Bintan Triathlon, and the MetaSprint Series.

Training should be started months before and focus on all three events. Gymnasiums are great for one-stop training center offering all needed equipment, but outdoors training remains the best. A great program would include two days of swimming sessions for example Mondays, Wednesdays and Tuesdays can be a day for cycling and Thursdays for running building up to complete the distances in one day per event.

This allows for 4 days of hard training and 3 days resting including Fridays, Saturday, and Sunday, which give your body time to recuperate. Rest is as important as training should you require fast progress.