Singapore’s Sprint Race – Rosie Clarke’s First

Rosie Clarke shared that the Singapore Triathlon was her very first experience in a triathlon and her first race in three years; she entered the race bikeless and had only a few months of jogging experience when she entered the Sprint race.

With knowing her body limits, the female athlete depended on her mental strength to pull her through when what she felt she lacked in fitness. She looked forward to the race although the training session was her spiritual battle; she had participated in smaller races before but never one with a huge quantity of like the Singapore Sprint Triathlon and she knew she would be able to do well in the swimming event.

Her tactic for the start event, which was the swimming was to follow the feet and splashes of top swimmers like Helen Jenkins but with years of training behind her, Clarke managed to lead the Singapore swimming event even though it took a bit of zig-zag swimming to get there.

Confidence made the Difference

Clarke’s confidence was not great for the cycling section since she had never participated in any race with such a volume of participants and decided to just follow the bike traffic and it worked for the first two laps and although she tried to stay focus it was hard with men racing past. By lap three she saw a women rider pass and was surprised to see it was Kerri Izzo, this also got her to snap out of her daydreaming and all of a sudden she started to race as close as possible to the female rider.

Rosie Clarke

The run was her secret weapon, and she felt very confident that it would go well with her in the last event. After several athletes had warned her about dehydration especially in the heat and high humidity, she kept in mind that she had to drink water, especially after sweating a lot during the cycling race. Armed with lots of water that was another thing she knew she had taken care of and when there was only 2.5km of the race left she knew she could prepare for a strong finish. As they saying go the rest is history, Rosie Clarke enjoyed a great surprise win and was cheered by the crowd and even more praised by her fellow athletes. Although she said the achievement was astounding, and once she got home enjoyed a bit of joy with her family but could simply not wait to get online to search for the next race.

Even though it was Clarke’s first attempt at the Singapore Triathlon, she had a few good strategies in place, starting from the swimming event where she first followed a great swimmer and in doing so save her the hassle of fighting past the crowd. In cycling, she again picked another female and used her competitive instincts to give her the edge and with a sufficient amount of water handy during the last leg of the triathlon she could stay hydrated and finish the race in first place.