Singapore Triathlons, Aquathlons, and Duathlons

In Singapore, athletes have access to some of the world’s best sports challenges including Duathlons, Aquathlons, and Triathlons. Participation starts at a young age and teams consisting of 7-year-olds is allowed.

An Aquathlon is an event that includes both swimming and running across different distances. Beginners would start off by registering for a discovery event that consists of 250m of winning and 2.5 km of running. Kids events frequently feature 150m of swimming and a race of 1.5km. After successful completion of a Discovery, event adults would find the next level of challenge is the Sprint events featuring a swim of 750m and a 5km run.


Duathlons are a combination of three events consisting of two sports types including running and cycling. The Duathlons typically start off with running followed by cycling and then more running completes the event. Kids Duathlons in Singapore features a 500m run with 5km of cycling and finishing with another run of 500m. For beginners, the Discovery event starts off with a 1.5km run followed by 10km cycling and then finishing off with another 1.5km run. The Sprint event consist of 3 km running followed by 20km cycling and ending with 3km running.

Three Event Challenges

Triathlons are a three-event challenge that includes cycling, swimming, and running. This is a challenge that tests your endurance, fitness and technique in all possible ways and the only way to compete and complete the event is by being fit. Kids triathlons regularly consist of 150m swimming, 6km runs, and 1.5km cycling. Beginners could take part in the Discovery events that include 250m of swimming, a 12km cycling race, and a 2.5km run, while the Sprint event requires participants to complete a 750m swim, 18km cycling, and a 5km run.

Which of the three events is the best or the hardest or the best of participate in is not possible to determine as it is a matter of personal taste and abilities, although each of the sporting challenges keep participants healthy and fit and at the end it is for you to decide to take a plunge, run, cycle or go for all three.

In Singapore, sports events are well organized and completely safe with clearly marked swimming events in calm ocean areas, and a team of lifeguards on kayaks guarantees participant’s safety. Before events starts a professional race briefing explain the rules, safety and logistics and safety vehicles support runners and cyclists. Refreshments are available at the finish line, and a medical team is always on the site consisting of a physician, nurse, equipment and ambulance.

Some of the tips for athletes is to stay hydrated during the race, have at least a 700ml bottle of water ready on your bicycle and make use of the water stations along the way during the running race and several athletes know its is best to have your last meal at least two hours in advance of the race start. With the safety measures and precautions taken sports challenges in Singapore continues to grow considerably in events and participants every year.