Singapore Athletes Compare The Olympic Distance To Be As Hard As Running A Marathon

Both intermediates and beginners have a goal to partake in an Olympic distance. In Singapore, the Olympic distance is one of the best-known triathlons, the most exciting and enjoyed by spectators and a major goal is to complete one of these challenging events.

For athletes who are new to the event the 1500m swimming distance could be nerve wrecking and with the focus on training in both technique and endurance, it is possible to achieve this fitness level after competing in Sprint events. The swimming event takes place in open water and at the start it is difficult due to groups of swimmers trying to get into the water as soon as the starting gun goes off.


Many are hesitant due to the transition between swimming and bike or bike to running course. Olympic distance athletes advice to new participants is to start off with the Sprint events since the distances in the Olympic event includes a swim of 1500m followed by the cycling of 40 km and finishing with a run of 10km. Once you have completed a shorter distance triathlon, coaches say you would have a much better understanding of what it consists off, the fitness level needed and on what areas to focus next.

Olympics Compared to a Marathon

An athlete who has completed the Olympic compares it to running a marathon in terms of physical exertion; effort levels and the training demands equal persistence and focus. In Singapore, this is the reason shy many athletes wants to complete the Olympic distance as it is truly an achievement while the distances scare other athletes. The impact of running 26 miles is one of the major stresses, and it takes up longer for your body to recover, yet those who have completed the triathlon says nothing compares to the amazing feel of an achievement.

With a proper structured training plan, support from your family and never losing site of what you want to achieve it is possible for all ages to train and participate in the event. Not only young people in Singapore is entering the challenges and every year sees new competitors of all age groups who discovered the high only possible by achieving new fitness levels.

Athletes can hire bikes for such events to cut the cost and currently it is not compulsory to wear a ski suit or wetsuit although it does improve your time finishing the race. Several events provide different triathlon distances that are perfect for beginners and intermediates to work their way up to an Olympic distance. All you need to start is the desire to take your fitness levels to new heights, the determination to follow a strict training program and it could be easier than most athletes think to enjoy the ultimate feel of this achievement.

Find out more about races planned by the Bintan Triathlon, Singapore Aquathlon or the Singapore Duathlon and with focused training, you could be ready to register for the next race.