Shem Leong Training Tips For Running, Cycling & Swimming Events

Shem Leong offers expert training tips for athletes who are planning to participate in a triathlon event. According to Leong, your training session starts mentally at least 20 minutes before you engage in your training session. Several training locations are advisable, and your mental preparation should start while traveling to your planned session at the local gym, track, swimming pool or cycling route.

Shem Leong

It is vital to get rid of all distractions, and mobile devices should be turned to silent once your mental preparation is started. This provides athletes with the luxury of focussing on training only, and you could dream of achieving your goal or reaching that new goal set. Part of the training session preparations is planning it while en route, decide whether the set is to increase your speed, endurance, strength or tolerance and how you wish to achieve the goal set for the session.

While traveling to your training session, you could also think back about other sessions and what you achieved, those that got you the results you were hoping for should be replicated and the less successful session are great too as they help you not to make the same mistakes.

Managing your expectations

Managing your expectations is vital and if you took a break from your program due to a holiday, being sick or other reasons then it is useful to plan how you would pick up where you left off and what the areas of weakness were that you had to improve still. The best advice is to start fresh, use your first session to determine your level of fitness and then move on to deciding on your playlist for the training session. In this session, you need to do an honest assessment of your current fitness level and define how difficult it was to work at a leisurely pace, intermediate and pushing real hard.

Pushing real hard is not the fastest way to get back to your previous fitness level, start off with a well balanced pre-training ritual of working towards the same level of fitness in a set time that is realistic according to the assessment during the first session back on your program. Your ritual starts from getting dressed to inform your body and mind that it is training time, which can start from the particular alarm tone used on training mornings, getting dressed in the exact same order or tying your shoes in the same spot every day.

Your training playlist could also assist in getting your program in balance with music going from warm up calmness to more intense sounds to accommodate your workout and if your music is planned according to time period spend on each section then you will feel great when the cool down songs start as your session would be over, and your reward should be a hearing a song that you love, followed by showering and going home to rest, knowing you have completed your training for today.