Mok Ying Ren Singapore’s Top Triathlete – The First Time Is Always The Best

Mok Ying Ren shows even a broader smile when fans ask him about his first triathlon. Highlights in sports challenges he participated in, includes the Padang in 2009 when he made his marathon debut by defeating the fastest marathoner in the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon with a timing of 43 minutes.

Mok Ying Ren

Born in 1988 Mok Ying Ren started out by participating in triathlons and when he achieved gold medals in all the major events he needed a new challenge and became a long distance runner. Commenting on his achievements he says participating in a new event for the first time and being able to complete it is the best feeling for him. His achievements as one of Singapore’s top athletes include a Gold medal in the SEA Games in 2007, which was a triathlon, winner of the Olympic Distance in 2007 and setting a new record in Myanmar in 2013. Ren’s exciting triathlon times for separate events include completing the 1500m swimming in 5:12, other personal bests are 5,000m in 14:51, 10,000m in 33:37, a half marathon in 1:08 and a marathon in 2:26:33.

History of Achievments

The Asian Pacific Triathlon race calendar offer athletes a month by month list of upcoming events to participate in and with some of the most popular triathlons include the Wells New Plymouth Half in New Zealand, Wollongong Triathlon Festival in Australia, Asian Championships in Japan, Trifactor Duathlon and Bike, Singapore International Triathlon, Kaike Triathlon in Japan, Tri Dash in Bangkok, Metasprint events and the Ironman 70.3 Japan, Cairns, Busan, Vietnam, Putrajaya and Bintan.

Training tips from high-performance athletes start off with consistency being the key, triathlons is endurance based, and it takes time to build up to the fitness and endurance levels, the only way to reach it is the consistent dedication to building solid endurance. Races push your boundary limits, and it is best to identify your weakest point and then to plan training around focusing on improving the weak points. Once athletes manage technique, it reduces energy expenditure allowing better overall achievement in all three events including running, swimming, and cycling.

With a focus on bettering your time, it is advised that athletes practice transitions the faster they manage to change between events the easier it is to achieve record times. A well-balanced program allowing sufficient time for the body to recuperate as important as the training sessions itself, which goes hand in hand with great nutrition and keeping hydrated. Top athletes keep a logbook of training and nutrition that enables them to check back on what worked best in times they achieved the best results.

Training with others increase your intensity of your sessions and being in the company of like-minded friends increase your energy, commitments, and it is possible to learn from each other’s achievements as well as mistakes. Plus a group effort gives athletes access to a fountain of free information such as technique and nutrition.