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Singapore is home to a large community of great sportsmen and women, and the country features a great variety of Duathlons, Aquathlons, and Triathlons. With thousands of sports enthusiasts registering for all sports events, even more, events are added yearly.

For new athletes, there is a host of Sprint challenges available, which is the perfect start for athletes aiming to participate in bigger events such as the Olympic Distance or the ultimate race the Ironman. Thousands of spectators attend challenges and even more follow the athletes as they compete to complete races in record times. With cycling being a major event part of Triathlons and Aquathlons, athletes in Singapore often battle to train on the open road due to the traffic density and most make use of gymnasiums or purchase stationary bikes.

What to Expect

Big sports challenges also offer intermediate races, which only differ in distance from the sprint events for beginners, although it is a more significant challenge and is generally used as a stepping-stone to more prestige events such as the Ironman and the Olympic Distance. In order to participate in an event such as the Ironman, an athlete has to take part in an Olympic distance. Top athletes all agree that your training for a premier worldwide event such as the Ironman a year of training is required.


Several of the top contestants offer to advise to new competitors and provide serious triathlon athletes with guidance on how to finally reach a big event by slowly increasing endurance, stamina and increasing training intensity. Several articles offer useful information on how to hydrate properly as well as good eating habits that ensure your body has the sufficient fuel to push it to higher fitness levels.

Rosie Clarke shares with other athletes her first experience in the Singapore Olympic Distance and how she managed to not only complete her first sports challenge but walked away as a winner. From the tips given by top athletes and professional her achievement also proofs that their advice is spot on when it comes to swimming tactics, cycling stamina, and hydration during running races.

Coaches, who have participated in the Olympic Distance, as well as the Ironman, provide excellent guidance on how to design training routines that guarantee success and how to increase training intensity to be Ironman fit finally.

With the advice offered by experts, it is also possible to train your body to reach a new level of fatigue tolerance, which gives top athletes the endurance to compete at an increased intensity for more hours. Both slow long distance training and interval training is discussed in cardiovascular endurance as well as other ways to improve both your training and event participation during the summer heat.

Finally, with the running, swimming and cycling tips shared by Shem Leong anyone could start preparing for a sprint triathlon. His tips include mental preparation, managing your expectations, advice on how to stay focused and how to work on problem areas. Apart from training programs Leong also discuss the importance of how to set up your playlist to get the most out of your training for any multi-sports challenge.